No Peace in the Middle East

24 Jun

For as long as the history books have it written, the Middle East has been an area of vulnerability and conflict. 

To me, the feud in the Middle East just seems very immature. Obviously, the Israeli’s and the Arab’s have very different opinions on life, the right to land, and other important values. Most of the fighting is over certain parts of land, which is why I refer to the situation as immature. 

In the modern world, most of the countries of the world no longer fight over control of land. Instead, they fight over resources and other valuable goods (that also causes extreme genocide and war). 

But the real problem with the Arab-Isreali conflict is that the beliefs that these people fight over are basically rooted in the religions of the two parties. Each religion suggests that each party should be entitled to a certain part of land, and unfortunately this part of land is common in both religions. 

These religious beliefs of land have escalated the situation and have caused the people of both nations to gain racist beliefs of one-another. For some Arabs and Israelis, the hate for one another is so strong that it gets passed on from generation to generation.

With that being said, I wonder, will there ever really be peace in the Middle East?


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