The Modern Cuba

5 Jun

At first, the Revolution can be seen as something good for the island of Cuba. In that time period, the Cuban population had a weak sense of identity, and the communist dictator Fidel Castro gave them a direction. 

Additionally, the important political role that Che Guevara played was essential in giving the people something to believe in. 

However, we are currently in the year 2013. Most of the Cuban people have never even seen a computer. The lack of vital technology that exists in the Cuban society is very harmful to the emergence and growth of the nation. 

Many people believe that Cuba is stuck in the 50s. I would agree with that, as they have not had much exposure to the rest of the world and other opportunities. 

A good example would be the Cuban healthcare system. The Cuba healthcare system is believed to be among the best in the world, but is it really? Cuban doctors are not allowed to attend American doctors conferences on the new technologies and methods of procedure in the medical industry.

This can be very harmful in the long term for Cuba, as the country is not exposed to the information and technology it needs. 


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