Corruption in the Incorruptible Government?

5 Jun

In my research, there have been many reports that I have come across that accuse the Castro government with being dishinest regarding the reporting of certian statistics.

For example, there is proof that Castro’s government released a statement saying that during the year 1960, unemployment was at 25%. However, Encyclopedia Britannica states that during that time period, the literacy rate was around 75%. 

Why would the Castro government release these false facts? I suspect that the reason for falsifying the information was because of how threatened they felt by the critics of the outside world. They could have felt the need to exaggerate certain facts to show that they were doing a better job than they really were. 

To me, it shows a weakness in the early years of the communist governmnet. It also shows a little bit of hypocrisy, as one of the main problems with the previous regime was the dishonesty that existed within the government. 


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