Was the Revolution necessary?

27 May

It becomes obvious to realize that before the Revolution of Cuba in the late 1950’s, the country was in disarray, and under a sea of corruption. But did the communist revolution led by Fidel Castro really do much good?

In my opinion, I think that after the Bautista government, the country needed a change with their government. They needed a new leader who would be honest, not greedy, and one that loved his country.

I think that many of the changes that were made at the time of the revolution were effective at the time. It allowed for Cuba to become a more efficient country, and improved the infrastructure, making it more stable.

This stability was necessary for a country that was in shambles before its revolution. However, I think that this revolution was not designed well for long-term effectiveness. In modern Cuba, many of the conditions that the people lived with before the revolution have now become problems once again. The Cuban government would benefit from a new type of government that can adapt to our modern world.

We are moving forward as a global community, and countries like Cuba are being left behind. Cuba needs another revolution.


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