The People of Cuba and Their Revolution

22 May

Prior to the revolution, Cuba was considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet the people of this island lived in poverty. People became influenced by the persuasiveness of fidel at a time where the people of Cuba desperately needed somebody to lead them through these hard times.

At first, one of the main changes that was brought to the people of Cuba was with the economy. The effect of the embargo with the United States caused many small business owners to forfeit their businesses as most of them becameImage government owned and controlled.

An important thing about the changes brought to the Cuban people’s economy is the effect that it has had on them for the past 60 years. For many North Americans, it would be hard to imagine what it wold be like if we were unable to have ownership of our own business. This could have given the Cuban working people a sense of dissatisfaction When they came home from work every day.

Were the changes that were made to the Cuban economy really good for the people? Or old it be a scheme to cover up corruption and the governments greed?


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