The Bay of Pigs

22 May

The Bay of Pigs invasion was a military attempt by the United States to try and overthrow/assassinate the revolutionist communist leader, Fidel Castro. The Bay of Pigs invasion turned out to be unsuccessful, and in my opinion, it was one of the main reasons of modern animosity between the United States and Cuban governments.

The failed invasion of the Bay of Pigs strengthened the position of Castro’s administration, which proceeded to openly proclaim their intention to adopt socialism and strengthen ties with the Soviet Union. This led to the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1961.

Due to their close ties with Cuba, Soviet Union President Nikita Khruschev suggested that there should be nuclear missile weapons sent to Cuba to protect them from any more attacks from the United States. This got the U.S. very worried, and demanded that there should not be any offensive weapons sent to Cuba.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was but another event that tore apart the relationship between Cuba and the US, thus seriously having an impact on the Cuban economy and lifestyle.


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