Cuba Before the Revolution: Were they better off?

22 May

Before the rise of Communist leader Fidel Castro, the country of Cuba was a very different island. People were allowed to operate their own businesses, and flourish independently.

However, there were also many problems with the infratrustuure of the country. For example, 91% of homes did not have electricity. Another example would be how there was only 1 doctor per every 2000 people in rural areas. Finally, 44% of the people had never attended a school.

With all of these statistics being taken into consideration, it must also be known that Cuba was even more of a tourist destination than it is today. The island attracted many foreign and American tourists that brought good, clean money to the nations economy. In fact, Cuba was considered as the top gambling destinations in the world, as at the time Las Vegas was just developing.

Here are some other facts to consider when thinking about Cuba before its revolution:

  • 27% of urban children, not to speak of 61% of rural children, were not attending school.
  • Racial discrimination was widespread.
  • The public school system had deteriorated badly.
  • Corruption was endemic; anyone could be bought, from a Supreme Court judge to a cop.
  • Police brutality and torture were common.

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