Che, The Man

22 May

Ernesto “Che” Guevara was a Marxist revolutionary who helped Fidel with the initial revolution of Cuba. 

Born in Rosario, Argentina, on June 14, 1928, Ernesto R. Guevara de la Serna studied medicine before traveling around South America, observing conditions that spurred his Marxist beliefs. He aided Fidel in overturning the Cuban government and then worked in a political post.

Guevara first earned his medical degree at The University of Buenos Aries. It is obvious that Che was an extremely educated man, contrary to what many people may think. 

After meeting the Castro brothers in Mexico, Guevara became part of Fidel Castro’s efforts to overthrow the Batista government in Cuba. He served as a military advisor to Castro and led guerrilla troops in battles against Batista forces. When Castro took power in 1959, Guevara became in charge of La Cabana Fortress prison. It is estimated that between 156 and 550 people were executed on Guevara’s extra-judicial orders during that time. 

He was essential in shifting the countries relationships away from The United Sates and towards the Soviet Union. He was able to do this effectively when he became head of the Cuban National Bank. 

In the late 60’s, Che decided to bring the success of Cuba’s revolution to other countries, particularly Bolivia. Unfortunately, Che was captured and killed by the Bolivian military in 1967, as he only was accompanied by a small guerilla task force. 

Since his death, Che had been renowned for his commitment to the revolution and stands as an important political figure for the Cuban people. Image


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