Fidel, The Man

16 Apr

We must get to know the man behind the Cuban Revolution.

A Native of Biran, Cuba, Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born on August 13, 1926. Castro grew up as a privileged individual, and enjoyed healthier circumstances than most of Cuba’s people. He was educated in Jesuit boarding schools, and was very intellectually gifted. However, he was more interested in sports than studies. 

He attended El Colegio de Belen and pitched for the school’s baseball team. After his graduation in late 1945, Castro entered law school at the University of Havana and became immersed in the political climate of Cuban nationalism, anti-imperialism and socialism.

Fidel always had a passion for reform, and this was evident for the first time in 1947 when he joined a group in the Dominican Republic that was trying to overthrow their own dictator. 

This part of Fidel’s history is very important to learn about, because it gives insight to why he was so obsessed with overthrowing dictator governments. In my opinion, I think that his education as a law student gave him a strong passion for fundamental justice. I think that Fidel carried this passion with him and used it in an effective way when he was becoming the leader of Cuba. This insight to Fidel’s education sheds light on the speculated issue of Fidel himself being a power hungry ruler, who only cares about his own interests. It is clear that Fidel had good, educated reasoning behind what he was doing, and really did care about the good of his people. 

This could also be proven with Fidel’s involvement in anti-goverment groups, as at the time Cuba’s government was very corrupt. Image


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